By simple definition, a FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPON...will fire more than one (1) round at a time.

Instead of going PEW once, it will AUTOMATICALLY go PEW PEW PEW PEW, etc until you release the trigger or empty the magazine.

For argument sake, yes there are 2 and 3 round burst weapons out there...but.....they still go PEW more than one time per trigger pull!!  


Everyone got it???  Good, let's move on!!

YES, people can OWN Full Autos they are COMPLETELY LEGAL! 

BUT........ there are a quite few steps in the process.

Any "Transferable" full auto can be owned by an individual, very similar to owning a handgun, same rules apply.  

The difference being the guns that are transferable are NFA items, meaning they were MADE before 1986 and are registered under that act.  

So there begins the problem, there are only so many available transferable full autos on the market.  

Just like anything else, "Supply and Demand" dictates the prices for those items.

SO, be prepared to pay a whole lot of money for that gun!  

(Prices typically are about $35,000.00 USD for a M16, on a good day! )

On top of that AWESOME price, is a $200.00 tax stamp for it.

There's paperwork involved, finger prints, signatures from Chief LE people, etc.

And a very LONG wait time to get the stamp back, typically 8 plus months!

If you want one, plan on spending a bunch of money and waiting months to get the stamp!  

I will be more than happy to assist you in the process, for a fee of course because I'm responsible for the paperwork and transfer of the weapon, as well as storing it until your stamp comes back!!!

Do your homework, plan accordingly, and let me know how I can help!!!

"Can I make you a full auto weapon?"

Unfortunately no, I can't!! 

I do have the ability, knowledge and experience as well as all the necessary equipment to do it.  

I can make a full auto weapon for Law Enforcement or Government agencies....which I am doing BTW... but for you as an individual, sorry not going to happen!  

CLASS 3 / SOT 2 items


The same as the SBRs, you can buy them or I can build / modify one to your needs!


Here's just a few suppressor brands I can get for you!!

SRTLLC is a SOT 2  / Class 3 dealer and manufacturer of special taxed items that you, as a client are able to LEGALLY have and own.  Items including but not limited to are, SUPPRESSORS, SHORT BARREL RIFLES and SHOTGUN, as well as FULL AUTO weapons.

Most importantly, these items require you to contact me in order to begin the process for purchase.

There will be a wait time involved, up to 8 months before the approval and stamp are returned, keep that in mind!


Short Barrel Rifles or SBRs as they are referred to can be purchased....... OR I CAN BUILD YOU ONE!!!!  

Contact me for more information!!!!!!