At STRATEGIC RESPONSE TACTICAL LLC, our mission is simple;

STRATEGIC RESPONSE TACTICAL LLC, will strive to build the highest quality product and offer the highest quality accessories and offer them at the best possible price to the consumer! It doesn’t matter if you are simply a gun enthusiast, a competitive 3 gun shooter, a military or law enforcement professional, our weapons / rifles and products will serve you well and won't let you down when it counts and we guarantee it.

STRATEGIC RESPONSE TACTICAL LLC, uses and offers only the highest quality American made parts and materials, you will never find inferior imported parts or materials in our rifles, we just won't allow it. We are shooters, just like most of you and we won’t sell anything that we, ourselves, wouldn't trust our lives on. Cutting corners and attention to detail is the HIGHEST priority and never to be neglected.

STRATEGIC RESPONSE TACTICAL LLC, we have a good time doing what we do, it is our passion and we appreciate each and every customer. Please feel free to give us a call or pay us a visit if you have any questions regarding any of our products. 

Thank you for your interest in  STRATEGIC RESPONSE TACTICAL LLC and hope to hear from you soon!