Parts, parts and more parts!!!

Once the hand-guard was mounted, the rifle was completely reassembled.  Optics had been discussed, cost was a big factor, JR liked the Sight-mark options for a Tactical Red dot, a 3X magnifier, and a rail mounted weapon light. (It's extremely bright btw!) All shown here on the built weapon!

Below are the different BCGs, or Bolt carrier groups.  The top is obviously the 7.62 and the bottom is the 5.56!! Size does matter!!

The Magpul stuff arrived and are mounted on the rifle.  The rifle also has a RAPTOR /Axis 7.62 ambi charging handle!  

Assembled Ceracoated rifle, just waiting on a few additional parts to complete this very cool rifle!

SRT: 7 Build!!!  { 7.62 X 51 aka .308 }

JR, really liked having the "stock" front sight, but wanted the free-float hand-guard with the ability to add on a few extras if necessary.  Different options were discussed, my suggestion was the Aero Precision Enhanced 12" hand-guard as shown below.

I thought I was complete with the rifle build. I actually called JR and told him it was ready. Well he had some time to think about what all he wanted on the rifle, one of the options was a color change as well as additional options to make the rifle more personalized.

JR decided on Flat Dark Earth Ceracoat on the majority of the rifle as you can see below, the rifle was dis-assembled for Ceracoat.  The finish is amazing and looks great!

The SRT: 7 to date the rifle has had almost 500 rounds of 30 year old NATO ammo ran through it, and has had NO ISSUES PERIOD!!!  Josh loaned me the rifle for a shoot day we had while my son was home on leave.  We shot 100 rounds of TULA ammo through it, again NO ISSUES PERIOD!!!!  It is a MONSTER to shoot, but not so brutal as you'd think....unless you're like Josh and shoot 300 round in one day!!  Have fun Josh with the MONSTER!!!  Hurry up and let me order you optics for it so we can shoot, and see further down range!!!!

Finished builds and updates!!  Check often!!!

​​A better view of the "SRT 7" upper, next to a SRT15 (5.56) rifle!  Not much bigger huh!!  But seriously cool!!

Below is the Ruger AR556 disassembled, and being readied for the free-float hand-guard!

This picture shows the size difference between a AR15 / M4 upper and a AR10 style upper.  I'm a HUGE fan of Aero Precision and will be using their components in the many of my custom builds!!  

Aero Precision has made a number of improvements one of which is the free float hand guard mounting as well as barrel mounting.  Once the hand guard is "slid on" to the upper receiver, which is a fairly tight fit btw, you use 8 torx screws to complete the mounting!  Almost a one piece upper and hand guard unit!!!

Finally the completed rifle!  The weapon light was moved under to the "7:00 o'clock" position but not shown in this photo!  The addition of the MAGPUL CTR Butt stock and MOE + grip complete the look of the rifle.  With all the components on the rifle it weighed at 7 lbs and 2 oz, not too bad considering it has a 16" full profile barrel.  JR was very excited to pick up this "baby" as he referred to it!

So....a few months ago, Josh, a friend / client of mine was talking about buying a 7.63 x 39 rifle of some type, but wanted something accurate and bad ass at the same time, not the typical AK style rifle. I suggested a .308 rifle!  Well he wanted one but was concerned about the prices he was seeing on the internet.  I told him that I could build him one that was far better than the typical off the shelf rifle, and not nearly as expensive!

Below are a few photos of the build, it's a typical AR style platform with a "few" improvements to the old classic.  And holy crap, is it cool!

SRT15 Custom:   My client JR, wanted something a little more "combat like" similar to what he carried in the "sandbox".  But he wanted some improvements and a little more contemporary items and features, but at the same time didn't want to spend great amounts of money!  So, we had a serious discussion regarding his wants and ideals for the rifle.  I suggested the Ruger AR556 for a great base to start from and build on.

Here's the completed SRT: 7 rifle, awaiting the Magpul flip up sights, Butt stock and Pistol grip!