SRT Custom: SSBR.  This too is a SBR but it's also suppressed! A 7.5" barrel with a screw on suppressor from REBEL SUPPRESSORS!  Very fun and accurate to shoot, and can be done with no hearing protection!  Accurate you say???  Yes it is!  8" steel target at 100 yards no problem!

You can have one too, with two different tax stamps.....about $400 cost of rifle and suppressor!  Fun is not cheap!  Sorry!!

COMING SOON:  SRT Custom MK14 MOD3SRT variant!!!

Wait...there's no such thing......YET!  Below is the candidate for the transformation a SOCOM 16    It looks cool now...just wait!.

SRT Custom: XM24A1 Tribute!  This is a work in progress!  It started life as a Remington 783 300 Win Mag, I wanted to build a "long range" rifle on the cheap (low cost) and the 783 looked mighty promising. So far the trigger and action has been "sweetened up a bit" and a very nice, yet inexpensive, laminate stock has been added.  I have yet to "bed" anything.....wanting a heavy barrel before I do that.  The optics are wanting at best but okay for normal range type shooting.  She will shoot very well out to 600 very easily! 

Oh and if you're interested...YES it is for sale!!!  What a GREAT Elk or Deer rifle!!!!!

SRT15 Custom:   My client JR, wanted something a little more "combat like" similar to what he carried in the "sandbox".  But he wanted some improvements and a little more contemporary items and features, but at the same time didn't want to spend great amounts of money!  So, we had a serious discussion regarding his wants and ideals for the rifle.  I suggested the Ruger AR556 for a great base to start from and build on.


Okay, no it's not a Remington 870 12 gauge...hence the 870 "R" designation, as in replica!  A little back story on this build.  My opinion they are both great shotguns, personal preference, the Mossberg has a better location for the safety, and everything in it can be replaced by the end user.  Unlike the Remington, the safety requires changing your grip to engage the safety and the end user can not make certain repairs due to the design and manufacturing of the 870.  Both very well know facts, not opinions!

​Introducing The HAWK model 982 12 gauge. 

Curiosity got the best of me!  I did a whole lot of research on the HAWK brand and was quite impressed with my findings! There is a certain training facility in Nevada, gave these little beasts to the attendees of their shotgun class.....that's correct GAVE them to them!  Great video on Youtube as well!

So, I contacted my vendors to find one of these.  This little beauty is HALF the cost of a similar Remington 870, that doesn't have the adjustable Ghost ring sights!  "Take my money!"  3 days later she arrive at the SRT homestead!

Again "No it's not a Remington 870", but....with a little TLC and SRT magic, plus the addition of the adjustable buttstock / pistol grip and fore end, you have what you see here!  All for the typical cost of a Remington 870!

Stippling done for my pleasure!! LOL  Very smooth action, very nice trigger, and very dependable!

SRT Custom built MK18MOD3:  Yes it is a SBR!  Beautiful thing about being a SOT2 manufacturer, I can do this all day long and no silly 8 months wait time for stamp, unless I build you one!  We would need to take care of paperwork prior to you taking ownership of a beauty like this!  Oh and a additional $200.00 for the stamp.....sorry!.

Finished builds and updates!!  Check often!!!

Check back often for updates and new builds and customs!!!.