"The care and servicing by personnel for the purpose of maintaining equipment and facilities in satisfactory 

operating condition by providing for systematic inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects."




Here are 3 videos that are VERY informative!  Take the time to watch them all the way through.  This gentleman is a wealth of knowledge

Gun / Weapon maintenance page!

I will be adding more and more information as time goes on regarding this specific subject. 

This is information that I have gathered over the years via training and first hand experience.  Although there are multitudes of products available I stick to a few tried and true products that I know actually work and you can depend on! 

Be open minded as you read and watch videos on this page, you may learn something you didn't know!

Should you disagree that's fine, email me or call and we can discuss it. 

I'm open to suggestions but you'll be hard pressed to change my opinions unless you have proven facts!

Products that I actually use for cleaning / lubrication etc!

First off I typically do not deal with weapons that have wood furniture on them.  Wood is okay for "pretty" guns for show and tell, I personally have no use for it, that's just my opinion.If you find that you have a gun with wooden furniture, i can give you some advice but will recommend researching the internet for better solutions.

Gun cleaners:

There are  literally hundreds of "gun cleaners" that you can purchase, many are very expensive and in my opinion wasted money that could be better spent elsewhere!  Why spend upwards of $10.00 for something that you can get the same results or better results for $1.89?  Here's a few relatively inexpensive items I use on a regular basis!

Brake cleaner: Non-Chlorinated type!!!

Go to Autozone or Walmart and buy a few cans of Brake cleaner, make certain you get the Non-Chlorinated Brake cleaner to use on your guns. Not only will it clean everything off your guns but it is completely safe for polymer frames, alloy's, steel AND will not harm CERACOAT finishes!  Just spray it on and watch the crude drip off!  Have a stubborn carbon deposit?  Spray it again, use a brush and away it goes!  I do highly recommend using it in a very well ventilated area or outside, using gloves isn't a bad idea either!  Oh and don't smoke while using it!  If you have to ask..............!!

I have used Brake cleaner for years and never had any issues by using it!

(p.s...it's the same shit as gun scrub!)

Sonic cleaner:

I also use a Harbor Freight Sonic Cleaner that I picked up for less than $30.00 about 3 years ago. 

If I have extra time and or many parts I want to clean at a one time, I'll use the sonic cleaner on them.

I use a 50/50 mixture of water and Dollar Store Orange based cleaner!   YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!!!!

The added benefit of the sonic cleaner is it heats up the cleaner and causes it to work better, I think anyway.

One of the issues with the sonic cleaner it only runs in 480 seconds cycles, not really an issue more of a PITA because you have to reset it and run it over and over.  I generally run it for 3 cycles to warm it up, then 3 or 4 cycles with the parts in it to clean them!

{ Important note: The sonic cleaner's heating element stays on after the "sonic" aspect finishes.  It will evaporate the fluid out of it if you let it run on and on.  I found that out the hard way!  I forgot to shut it off and a few hours later had a very odd smell throughout the house!  So, keep an eye on it and make sure the heating element button is off!  Just to be safe, I now unplug it when it's not being used!! }

CLP / Break Free:

Old habits are soooo hard to break, using CLP has been the standard product for many years in the military. It was "Biblical" doctrine ingrained over and over again.  Ask any military member and listen to their response! The name CLP actually means,"cleaner, Lubricant, preventative".  Does it work?  Basically yes.  If you don't ever use anything else but Break Free / CLP you should be fine.  Most people never use their guns enough to warrant concern of CLP having any issues.  It will clean your guns, it will take time to clean them with it.  You need to scrub hard deposits to get them off.  I'm kind of impatient and want faster results, hence I use Brake Cleaner!  I still have Break Free and use it, just not in a religious sense now!  I use it more as a protectant than anything else now.  Also if I find it on sale at a really good price I'll buy some!

Gun Lubricants:


Here's where most people have lost their minds and spend ungodly amounts of money for crap because it was "developed by"..........a "US Navy / Army / Marine / Coast Guard"....who ever.  It is HYPE people plain and simple!  If you want to buy into the HYPE and bullshit and spend $16.00 ( for 2.5 ounces) for a "lubricant" just because "Blank" uses it or "Blank" developed it.....go for it.  It's your hard earned money!

But back to reality and first hand experience let's talk about real lubricants that you use almost every day that will far exceed the "HYPE" crap.

Sometime back, not sure when, I did some thinking and a whole bunch of research into what I'm about to tell you! 

It was so simple it couldn't possibly be real or true!  There was no way that what I'm about to tell you could ever be as good as, if not better than, any of the typical used gun / weapons lubricants that we all grew up on and used over the years!

If you drive a vehicle, you are using probably the best, well engineered products ever made in that vehicle as lubricants! 

Yes.......folks, plain simple........engine oil / transmission fluid / wheel bearing grease!

Engine oil for example:

Starting the engine and a short 5 minute drive will be far more harsh on the components in your car than you will EVER subject your gun to!

​Engine oils typically operate at 230 to 260 degrees (F) for long periods of time. 

The components of the engine move constantly at very high rates of speed, metal to metal contact, basically crushing the oil at high temperatures for long periods of time, right?

Think about this for a second........sitting at idle most cars engine rpms are 600 to 1000 rpms typically. And can rev to plus 6000 rpms.

(Some motorcycles...11,500 rpms!)

You will NEVER operate your guns at that speed, continually for minutes or hours at a time, EVER!

Let do a little math problem.....

​Let's say you start your car, warm it up and take off on a long road trip.....3000 miles!

You get up to speed...in this case we'll use 50 MPH (miles per hour)

It will take you 60 hours to complete that trip of 3000 mile.

You engine at 50 mph will be at 2000 rpms for the entire trip.

​So....2000 rpms X 60 minutes (1 Hour) will equal 120,000 total rpms in that 1 hour time frame

Now you have 60 total hours of traveling to do.......

​120,000 rpms X 60 hours = 7,200,000 total rpms

7,200,000 revolutions per minute for 60 hours right?

Typical oil change interval is 3000 miles

The point is if Motor oil can be subjected to high heat, shearing and compression for 3000 miles in your vehicle before it's recommended to be changed, then why would your little gun be more brutal / hostile to motor oils?  Why would motor oil NOT be an excellent lubricant on your gun(s)??

SO.......Because of the advancements in technology some Motor oils are synthetic and have anti-friction additives in them!  Sounds a whole lot like CLP huh!  But not nearly as expensive!

Current Info:

I currently have been using MOBILE 1 5W-30 Full Synthetic "motor"oil on ALL my guns, to include all my family members weapons as well, and we have a WHOLE bunch of them!

I purchased a quart back in October 2017 for roughly $7.50 and have lubed all the weapons multiple times and still have nearly 3/4 or more of the quart left!

I personally have found that all the weapons run "smoother" and or even better now.

Triggers that are stock, no modifications, feel smoother! 

And clean up.........well.....clean up is a bit easier than previously.

Sometime back a few years ago this happened;

I have a "friend" that is a competition shooter, (he asked that I not use his name due to "support" that he receives from a certain lubricant company). Anyway.....my friend shoots just about 2000 rounds or more per week keeping his competition edge on point.  When I asked him what he uses as far as lubricant on his stupid expensive trick "competition grade" firearms I was SHOCKED by his response!  This is exactly what he told me, he said.."Believe it or not I just use MOBILE 1 Full Synthetic oil on all my guns, I have for years and have never had issues with them!!"  I nearly passed out...I laughed and said but you're sponsored by "__________" why don't you use that?  He said " I just give the "__________" away to friends and family, fans and such.  Like I said I use MOBILE 1 and it works, always works and isn't that expensive!  I can find it anywhere I travel at any Walmart or Auto parts stores across the country at anytime!" 

Keep in mind this guy is a multi time national champion competitor and shoots more per week than most of you shoot in 12 months!

More information to come stay tuned!!!!