​"The care and servicing by personnel for the purpose of maintaining equipment and facilities in satisfactory operating condition by providing for systematic inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects."

Gun / Weapon maintenance page!

I will be adding more and more information as time goes on regarding this specific subject. 

This is information that I have gathered over the years via training and first hand experience.  Although there are multitudes of products available I stick to a few tried and true products that I know actually work and you can depend on! 

Be open minded as you read and watch videos on this page, you may learn something you didn't know!

Should you disagree that's fine, email me or call and we can discuss it. 

I'm open to suggestions but you'll be hard pressed to change my opinions unless you have proven facts!

Here are 3 video that are VERY informative!  Take the time to watch them all the way through.  This gentleman is a wealth of knowledge